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I’m a Relationship and Dating Coach, specializing in helping people over 40 attract lasting love into their lives and enjoy a beautiful relationship with their Perfect Partner! 

Let’s face it – Dating over 40 can be frustrating and soul crushing - but it doesn’t have to be…


As a single parent, working multiple jobs, trying to keep my head above water while building an amazing life for my three kids, I wasn’t making much of a life for myself.


Dating wasn’t a priority, even though I always knew I wanted someone in my life.  

Doing what so many others do, I tried the dating sites, only to quit and delete them out of frustration – then come back to them over and over. Every. Single. Person. Over. 40. told me the same thing.  Dating was a sh$t show.  Was it even worth it?

It was easy to slip into the typical “no good guys out there” thinking.


Wanting to find that amazing man to share my life with, my lack of success motivated me to start making changes. I knew I had a lot to offer – I don’t have three heads, I’m reasonably intelligent, so what was wrong? Researching the best mindset, communication and self love techniques, I began to have more and better matches. After all, Action takers get results. 

It wasn’t long before Billy and I connected on Tinder (WTF, Tinder right?!  Isn’t that for hook ups?!) and the love story began.

Billy was everything I had ever wanted, but never knew it! He was so different from men I’d met and dated in the past but there was no doubt he was “the one”.


From there, I knew I wanted to share the love and help others find what we have. 

My years of studying the experiences and frustrations of so many singles in the dating world allow me to help my clients attract lasting love and create their own roadmap to happily ever after.
Becoming a Relationship Coach, while taking numerous other courses on Dating and Relationships, I became a guide and mentor for people who want the same love I have found. Even more, helping people stay positive and never give up.  


Nothing worse than hearing people say, “I’m staying single – it’s just not worth the hassle”.  
It’s worth every moment, I promise you. 
Billy and I travel the world and enjoy an amazing life of adventure together with our three (mostly) grown children, Riley, Paris and JJ.


Billy and I have never looked back… the future is so bright!

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